When I first started at CultureFly our website was a standard Shopify template. We were growing and preparing to add more boxes onto our roster in the next year. We were at 5 boxes at the time, and about two years later we're at 15 with more in development. A complete overhaul of the website was much needed. With the help of outside consultants and my amazing designers Mia Blas and Layla Djapari, we completely redesigned the CultureFly website. See the full website here.


One of the hardest parts of redesigning this website was figuring out how to showcase all of our boxes. Most of our boxes had been built on their own independent website, but we wanted to be a hub for EVERYTHING we do!

So, we designed individual box pages for all of our boxes: even ones that don't live directly on the website. The ones that redirect you to a new website look more like product pages. One of the big tasks for these pages was doing all the product photography. When I started, we didn't have an archive of photography for our products - only a sporadic photo here and there. My team and I had to photograph, edit, and retouch everything you see that is on I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this huge project without the help of my amazing team of designers, Mia Blas, Layla Djapari, and Ginger Ahlbum.