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Design and concepts for Nickelodeon marketing premiums.

Our team at Nickelodeon had a super cool vendor lined up who was going to create a silicone-like plastic handle and slime top/coaster to pair with a mug. While that part was awesome, it meant that to keep cost down we could only print on a tiny 2in x 1in space. So I had to come up with as simple of a concept as possible. They wanted me to explore a bunch of options, so above are only 6 of the many concepts I came up with. Personally, the Spongebob idea was my favorite, but in the end we ended up just going with a super simple slime logo.

Below are concepts for a 2-color Nickelodeon umbrella. The vendor we had initially chosen could only print on a small patch on the umbrella. We tried to make it work with the design, but in the end we scrapped this idea and went with a different vendor who would print all over the entire umbrella instead.

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